10 very useful house repair life hacks


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  1. Good Ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. steve b says:

    Hey, how come he didn't DRILL the screw into the bar of soap ?

  3. Karan Bajaj says:

    which glue u use

  4. Dont do the first one. The blade could get caught and you also risk ruining the bearings on the drill. Also putting screws on a fast spinning drill bit, probably dumbest thing i've ever seen. Im a 20 year licensed contractor. Just spend the 3 dollars on a magnetized drill bit. Or buy a kit. Because of the safety hazard on the first one, i'm looking into a way to ALMOST do that. But enclosed and safe.

  5. TheCbj79 says:

    <NOOBS that like this omg….If you do things right… Whit the right tools– You have no need for these "HACKS"

  6. Catfoodbob says:

    they should just put a magnet in the bottom of hammers

  7. if u add a third nut,more towards the head,u can straighten out the threads of the bolt. just a thought. love the hack tho

  8. Sam Lubman says:

    Don't use soap on screws. The soap, over time, picks up moisture and the screw rusts inside the wood. Use bees wax, floor wax or petroleum jelly.

  9. cramkan says:

    HAHAHAHAHA serious ? omg NERD WITH TOOLS !!! THA house repair LIFE hacks TOTALLY nobody need to know…cant take it srious…anyway

  10. licuta yt says:

    i need to show this to my dad😂😂😂

  11. jon fraer says:

    why do so many youtubers use the same horrible annoying music. it ruins the experience

  12. cxa011500 says:

    For the first time ever, I actually was impressed by a life hacks video. :D

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  14. dartanion007 says:

    all great till the very end.should have put the brush bristle down.

  15. GyrlBlaque says:

    You're wasting a good bar of soap on a wood project

  16. Thuong Tien says:

    what is The name of 2nd back round music

  17. jack sailor says:

    most helpful video thank you mr.hacker u helped much!

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  19. Alex Dark says:

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  20. adil huq says:

    decorative lighting ideas with bottles???

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  22. U spelled comfortable without an e

  23. Km Bogatin says:

    Thanks for sharing these! As a handy woman/deep cleaning specialist I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient and make the job easier. I think you're a genius!

  24. Wwe Fans says:

    you are very cool

  25. I cringed for the drill in the first 1

  26. Xander Mia says:

    how do you think of thees things

  27. Good hacks….but I would put an extra nut near the top on the bolt cutting hack, so you can redress the threads in case they get messed up…

  28. Gerald K says:

    The whole time watching im like… duh, duh, duh, gee…

  29. hr4bi0 says:

    You did not just put a regular plug into plasterboard wall…