ironman house

ironman house

Tony Stark’s house from “Iron Man” was at the top of the list.
Marvel Studios

  • Whether they’re realistic or high-tech fantasies, homes from movies and TV shows can inspire envy and admiration from viewers.
  • Porch, an online resource that connects homeowners with local home improvement contractors, conducted a survey of close to 1,500 people to find out which houses from movies and TV shows they would want to live in. 
  • Tony Stark’s house from “Iron Man” came out on top for movies, while the home from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was the preferred television location. 
  • These are 20 homes from movies and television people wish they could live in. 
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Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv’s house from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was the most-desired television home.

fresh prince bel air mansion

The home from the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”
Andrew Ware / YouTube / Which?

The Banks’ Bel-Air home from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” which ran from 1990 to 1996, came in first on Porch’s list, both because of its pool and live-in butler service.

Tony Stark’s home from “Iron Man” took the top spot for movies.

iron man 3 tony stark house

Tony Stark’s home from “Iron Man.”

Marvel Studios

Respondents really wanted to live in Tony Stark’s home from the “Iron Man” franchise according to Porch, as his high-tech pad seemed like an idyllic place to take up residence. 

People wanted to live in Kevin McCallister’s house from “Home Alone.”

Screen Shot 2019 12 02 at 3.45.12 PM

Kevin McCallister’s home from “Home Alone.”
Hughes Entertainment/20th Century Fox

Number two on Porch’s list, the large and luxurious nature of Kevin McCallister’s home appealed to people — though they might not like it as much after Kevin wreaked havoc on it.

Danny Tanner’s home from “Full House” made the list.

Full house home

The Tanners’ home from “Full House.”
Mlenny/Getty Images

The Tanners’ San Francisco home, which housed nine people at one point during the show, was number two on the TV home list.

Cher Horowitz’s house in “Clueless” also appealed to fans.

clueless house

The steps in Cher’s home in “Clueless.”
Paramount Pictures

Cher lived in a large Los Angeles home with her father, and her house even featured an electronic closet, earning it the number three spot on Porch’s list of desired movie homes. 

Almost every New Yorker wishes they could live in Monica’s apartment from “Friends.”

friends apartment

Monica’s apartment in “Friends.”
NBC / Contributor/Getty

Monica’s luxurious apartment was the backdrop of most of “Friends,” and the large space earned it the number three spot on the TV list. 

Porch notes that Monica and Rachel likely would’ve paid $8,000 in monthly rental fees if the apartment had been real.