Basement Water Leaks Can Come From Above – Home Repair Advice Click on this link for more information about basement repairs and home building. One of …


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One Response to “Basement Water Leaks Can Come From Above – Home Repair Advice”

  1. jason cr. says:

    My favorite <ugh> situation was a collapsed main floor living room ceilling in a well kept 2.5 story wood and plaster home in an older part of the city. Homes around here commonly have pretty sneaky leaks as the local water table shifts with the wind. Straight off I went to check the condition of the 4" clapboard siding. In about a minute I noticed a wide bulge in the vicinity of where the 1st and 2nd floor met inside, with gaps between 5 or 6 boards at the bulges apex. The layers of asbestos, rodent nests or whatever had allowed the water to flow from there to the living rooms ceilling while showing no damage elsewhere. What a mess.


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