Basic Home Repairs with 2V – S01E01 “The Breakthrough”

Home repairs can be a rewarding but challenging experience. Join Mike 2V as he tackles some basic home repair and maintenance.


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23 Responses to “Basic Home Repairs with 2V – S01E01 “The Breakthrough””

  1. YAY!! Someone finally posted this. I was about to post this myself.


  3. qu jiko says:

    I like your video a lot. I wish you had more like it. :(

  4. your video is all over Twitter right now.

  5. I can see this video hitting a million views really soon. Good luck!

  6. Romano Č. says:

    You definitely need MORE SUBSCRIBERS. This is like a hidden gem.

  7. Hahaha! That was really good. :D

  8. fesoy66 says:

    Good video my friend.

  9. I’ve been on Youtube for a few hours today and this is by far one of the better videos ive seen. Good work and I look forward to seeing more quality videos.

  10. Such a SICK video. I love it

  11. Sipping on a margarita watching this video is how you live life.

  12. Chris Delis says:

    Excellent video! THIS is what Youtube was made for!

  13. Ok… I’m ending my night on this video. Good night youtube.

  14. SIMPLY R says:

    Really good video. Plz make more

  15. Alma Sue says:


  16. Jeanne Vicki says:

    Just leave the wall out

  17. rifat islam says:

    wanna do my bathroom next?

  18. Asif Aman says:

    Fastest wall demolition ever!

  19. salma silpi says:

    That's pretty genious


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