Bathroom Remodeling Ideas – Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

Every Home Owner Needs Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you own a home, then sooner or later you will be in the market for some bathroom remodeling ideas. Everyone uses the bathrooms in a house. In addition to every member of a family, when guests visit you at your home, at some point they will ask to use the bathroom. It stands to reason that bathrooms are a major part of a home’s attractiveness and functionality. Like any other part of a home. bathrooms require maintenance and upkeep. Every once and a while you will find the need to make repairs, renovate, or remodel parts of your home. When you do, you will be in need of some bathroom remodeling ideas.  However, fixing up a bathroom can be costly. Let’s explore some tips that can help you build a better bathroom for less.

20 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

  1. The most important thing when you’re starting to plan any sort of makeover is to take measurements. Measurements help you figure out  what you can fit in a space and how much things are going to cost. Estimating the amount of square footage you have is an important first step.
  2. One of the most important bathroom remodeling ideas to consider is that you follow a budgeted plan. There’s a lot you can do on a small budget. Establish your spending limits beforehand, and stick to them. A good plan will keep you on track and prevent unexpected obstacles from breaking the bank. Research your project carefully, shop around for the best prices and create a fail proof blueprint for success.
  3. First, the obvious of many important bathroom remodeling ideas, the wall color. New paint can really make a difference in an old bathroom.
  4. If you need to repair the drywall, one of the bathroom remodeling ideas that you should prioritize is that you do it before you paint. Cover small holes, with a little patch compound, let it dry, sand smooth, and touch up with primer.
  5. Also before you paint, remove any cover plates, lights, or anything else that might get in the way. Don’t forget to turn off the electricity at the breaker. Make sure the walls are clean and use painter’s tape and tarps to protect anything that you don’t want painted. Again, keep in mind that new paint really makes a big difference.
  6. Avoid changing plumbing if possible. Plan your project around the pipes you have, rather than moving them. Plumbing is not only difficult and expensive to change, but you could find yourself with major problems that require professional intervention if you’re not careful.
  7. Refinish existing porcelain rather than replacing it. It’s fairly economical to spiff-up your tub or shower and sink, and not very hard to accomplish. Re-grout between tiles and clean up the surface areas that have become discolored. Often, a thorough stripping can bring old porcelain back to its original glory.
  8. Also before you paint, remove any cover plates, lights, or anything else that might get in the way. Don’t forget to turn off the electric at the breaker. Make sure the walls are clean and use painter’s tape and tarps to protect anything that you don’t want painted. Check it out. New paint really makes a big difference.
  9. If you don’t love your vanity you have two choices, replace it or paint it. Painting, or staining, is a budget-friendly option for a new look. If you go the painting route, add a finishing touch to your vanity with new pulls and knobs after painting. All you need is a screwdriver to replace them. However, to make a 5 by 5 room feel more spacious, consider removing the vanity in favor of a pedestal sink .
    bathroom remodeling ideas

    American Standard 0283.008.222 Standard Collection Pedestal Sink Top with 8-Inch Faucet Spacing, Linen


  10. To create a modern look, you can install a new floor, back splash, and wainscoting.
  11. You can also give your sink area more personality by updating your mirror.
    bathroom remodeling ideas

    70 x 32 In Horizontal LED Bathroom Silvered Mirror with Touch Button


    If you’re not ready to invest in a new mirror, revamping your old mirror with a custom-made border is another one of the many simple bathroom remodeling ideas you can consider. Here’s how. Cut some moulding to fit around the mirror edges and paint all sides, even the back. Lay the moulding on the mirror to check for fit. Set the pieces aside. Then run a bead of construction adhesive around the edge of the mirror. Press the pieces into the adhesive and let it dry. Rehang the mirror and voila.

  12. For the shower, a new curtain and curved rod makes a big difference. And a new showerhead to replace a crusty old and outdated one can makes a difference not only because it’s going to look better, but enhance your shower experience. Some showerheads save water, some have massagers, some actually simulate rain, and some even let you stream music into your shower—how cool is that?
  13. Resort to hiring help as necessary. If you’re not totally sure you can succeed on any part of your plan, hiring help will be cheaper than possibly damaging your bathroom. At least consult with an expert to make sure you’re going about your project the right way, in order to avoid potential disaster.
  14. Know your contractor. Research anyone you hire to come into your home and make sure they’re offering you the lowest price. Try and get someone recommended by a personal acquaintance of yours. Tell the contractor you want to do as much of the work as possible, even clean-up, to cut these additional costs.
  15. Remember ventilation. Proper ventilation will make your bathroom more comfortable and prevent moisture from accumulating and forming mold. Keep ventilation in mind from the beginning and work it into your improvement plans. Although there are simple models and methods to work with when it comes to ventilation, knowing the basic mechanics can keep your project going and add to its eventual success.
  16. New hardware is a fast and effective upgrade. Replacing the faucets and fixtures in your bathroom will instantly improve the look and add to what ever style you are trying to achieve. Although this is one of the most cost effective ways to upgrade the room, be cautious when installing new hardware on older sinks or tubs, as they may be prone to cracking. Also, be sure your measurements match up before you start taking anything apart.
  17. New storage cabinets will help keep everything in your bathroom nice and tidy. If you’re looking to add extra space, try a tall, skinny cabinet, floating shelves, an over-the-toilet storage cabinet or even a medicine cabinet.
    bathroom remodeling ideas

    34″ x 38.5″ Over the Toilet Cabinet


  18. And finally, some new accessories and some cool art for the wall and your old bath has a completely new look!
  19. Experiment with lighting. Adding lights or moving them around can do a lot to improve your bathroom, without making the project expensive. Work with different ideas in light shades, and use mirrors to give the appearance of more space. Install dimmer switches too, for night time safety and convenience.
  20. By focusing on a few major bathroom remodeling ideas, including a new sink, floor, backsplash and saving costs with DIY art, you can renovate a small bathroom for a reasonable budget. These bathroom remodeling ideas will give you a modern room that maximizes space.

Have fun fixing up your bathroom and enjoy the fact that you didn’t spend too much for it! Use these bathroom remodeling ideas and common sense ideas to create the home of your dreams on a budget.

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