DIY Hair Mask _ Egg Home Remedies (Repairs Damaged Hair) | SuperWowStyle

Free ebook: (For various hair issues. This book has some really easy and practical hair care DIY options. Make sure you enter the …


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28 Responses to “DIY Hair Mask _ Egg Home Remedies (Repairs Damaged Hair) | SuperWowStyle”

  1. Heman Y says:

    Hi Prachi.. the link you've provided is showing account suspension … Kindly provide some alternative for that ebook… I am going through serious Hair problem so it will be really helpful.. thanks…

  2. Which honey do we use ? I'm really scared coz there is a lot of myth's about using honey for the hair . 

  3. for how many days we have to repeat this

  4. choco gul says:

    can we use castor oil instead of coconut oil? :)

  5. Wow.. This actually works!! Girls please try it. :)

  6. Simran Lund says:

    hye prachi di ! this is the first time commenting on your channel:))as you said to come back n comment down below if it works .. so i tried this remedy as my hairs had been so damaged after permanent straightening .. i'had tried many remedies but it aint worked so well .. but lately after pampering my hairs with oiling and you some remedies like this one .. i found changes a bit in my hair quality it actualy works😚will try more 😊 lots of love❤

  7. can i two different shampoo at one time of shower

  8. kali rajan says:

    Suggest me a good herbal shampoo and conditioner for my damaged hair
    My hair looks lifeless

  9. k kuku says:

    Hey Di .. can I mix aloevera gel or vitamin E in this mask???

  10. Chitra Joshi says:

    Hi Prachi , thank you for sharing the ebook link. Recipes looks interesting. Definately going to try them on🤗

  11. As Mah says:

    And yeah nice lip color btw you look gorgeous!❤

  12. As Mah says:

    Prachi Can I add lemon to this to reduce the smell?

  13. the video is great. did anybody get hold of prachi's lip color ?

  14. Is there any kind of honey that we shouldn't use on our hair prachi?? Pls leme know. ☺ +superWOWstyle

  15. this is really amazing remiedies.. love it.. definately try this one… thanku so much..

  16. Currently having a marathon of your videos 😂😂💞 dudeeee I love your videos so much! You're very gorgeous :)

  17. Srishti Jain says:

    Can you do a swatch video for the Miss Claire soft matte lip creams!?

  18. does ur hair stink aftr shmpooing????

  19. Natasha 678 says:

    You can actually became a television actress coz u are very charming…..😘😍😍

  20. Sneha Komala says:

    hiii prachi mam can u plz do a video on badam face pack for combination skin plzzz…..i love to have badam pack…thanq

  21. hi prachi, i have downloaded the book. and today i have tried this hair mask. u know egg used to make my hair super dry frizzy, but this made my hair super super super shiny and soft. today i havent applied conditioner but still the result is great. Thanks so much, <3 much love.

  22. Karan Jaggi says:

    Ap ne lip k nechy kia lgaya h…

  23. Karan Jaggi says:

    Also fr colord hair or not…plz tell mee

  24. hey i am not able to download the book..i have given my id and name but it is only showing thank you for subscribing!

  25. tis works Very well.. bt it smells bad… how to reduce smell after washing the mask