DIY Home Repairs : How to Outfit a Basic Electrician’s Toolbox

A electrician’s tool box should include some basic tools, such as a meter, wire strippers, needle-nose pliers and electrical tape. Find out more about outfitting a …


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6 Responses to “DIY Home Repairs : How to Outfit a Basic Electrician’s Toolbox”

  1. Thanks for the concepts you have provided here.

  2. you forgot the knife and the Robertson #6 and #8 screwdriver

  3. You do not need insulated tools, I am a fourth year apprentice, and never work on live circuits. I am also a do it yourself handyman and you will never see above 480 volts. Really you will only see 120 volts. Insulated tool give you the false sense of protection. Never try to fix something hot. Its not worth it.

  4. MylesHSG says:

    u need ur pliers and screwdrivers insulated to atleast 1000 v

  5. andybob010 says:

    dude, ur taking a big risk as none of ur tools are properly insulated


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