DIY Home Repairs : How to Repair Shower Controls

Repairing shower controls is an easy process that involves removing the shower knob and replacing it. Repair shower controls with tips from an experienced …


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6 Responses to “DIY Home Repairs : How to Repair Shower Controls”

  1. LesterPaul01 says:

    What if the handles feel tight when you turn them?

  2. Kidlat432 says:

    very quick and informative! thanks a lot!

  3. itsdonenow says:

    That entire shower needs to be demolished, all the mold and rust seem to show some water damage is likely behind the wall.

  4. quitos87 says:

    what after you remove it?

  5. Rb S says:

    you do what he should have done after entering this bathroom: sledge hammer it down to stud walls.


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