DIY Home Repairs : How to Use a Table Saw

When operating a table saw, adjust the height of a table saw before turning on the power. Discover how to use a table saw with tips from an experienced …


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21 Responses to “DIY Home Repairs : How to Use a Table Saw”

  1. Jimmy Meeker says:

    i see you got to close to the fence with your blade

  2. Jimmy Meeker says:

    can"t seem to set my table saw to a 45 degree angle . it stops at 38 degrees need some help please

  3. rekade says:


  4. rekade says:

    Waste is ALWAYS on the outside.

  5. rekade says:

    I don't know it all, but with over twenty years experience using many types and styles of table and slidingsaws, working everything from 1" thick 4'x10' MDO, plastics to aluminum extrusions, I think I've learned enough to be a little critical.

  6. 1alabamajack says:

    Okay mister know-it-all, move on.

  7. deadlock742 says:

    how would i make a straight cut with out a fence

  8. the table saw is the most dangerous of them all…. they dont' give ya a second chance. 

  9. Malcolm F says:

    I thought you would want the blade a bit higher to minimize "kick backs". The angle of force of the circular blade onto the wood is almost directly at the user if the blade is "just above" the work piece. Too high and you can get "kick overs".

  10. If I want to rip a board do i put the thinner piece toward the fence or the wider side toward the fence??? help

  11. ebb559 says:

    Thanks for vid. Information on the fundamentals helpful.

  12. Rosaly Reyes says:

    Today you are my hero! Thank you!

  13. rekade says:

    @j0hnyTV T-squares are not for ripping wood, rip fences are. If someone thinks a fence is not needed, they clearly are ignorant as to how to use a tablesaw.

  14. rekade says:

    This guy is pretty fumbly with his cheap tablesaw. He talks way too much. And I don't care how "real good " you are with a T-saw, it's entirely impossible to rip without a rip fence. Other than actually watching someones technique ( to get a grasp of their capability with a T-saw) one thing that always raises my suspicion is seeing cuts or gouges into the throat plate or fence which I noticed on this guy's saw. A possible indication of incompetence.

  15. Gary Giffin says:

    I just bought a new table saw, thanks for the video.

  16. Please take the captions off – it's very hard to see what you're doing!

  17. rocket9244 says:

    good video but the captions cover up a lot of what you are doing

  18. seumas2 says:

    An alternate is the OJJ

  19. joelombrdo says:

    Thank you for the information.


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