DIY Home Repairs. Replacing Your Dryer Belt

This is a short video on how to replace a broken drum belt on your clothes dryer. The replacement belt cost me a little under $12 and the entire job only took …


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35 Responses to “DIY Home Repairs. Replacing Your Dryer Belt”

  1. Jeremy Baum says:

    Very helpful. thanks

  2. Jenn Doll says:

    Yes thanks a lot all I needed

  3. Tentax 1210 says:

    Perfect instructions, thank you!!!  $9.00 for our repair.The belt will look a little bit too long, until you wrap it around and through the idler pulley.

    And I still don't understand why anyone would thumbs down someone trying to help…but if I could click thumbs up 10 more times I would.

  4. A common problem you can fix yourself.

  5. Thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for. I was going about it completely wrong, until I watched this video.

  6. 27 year old female and i just fixed my own dryer! THANK YOU

  7. damm you made that look so easy i'm trying to change a belt on a Haier RDE350AW
    so far the belt is not wanting to corporate.

  8. kurtbentley says:

    Nice video!  Easy to follow.  Thanks!

  9. whoo hoo!   so glad your tension wheel had slipped out of place.  ours came completely off and had us scratching our heads about how to replace it properly.  thanks to your helpful video, the dryer is whole again and as a bonus, spins squeals.  :)

  10. Andrew Smith says:

    Perfect mate, ya a star

  11. Great info and very helpful!

  12. mitch daniel says:

    18 minutes!!   Thanks!!  Cleaned it up and found a nickel to boot!!! :)

  13. Thank u I successfully changed my dryer belt. But now it's loud and sounds like it's draining is that suppose to happen?

  14. Wow thanks that was great. Very helpful

  15. Zanteogo says:

    Thanks a bunch! You saved me a ton of money.

  16. adventride says:

    Thank for much!  My belt was $12.00 and the replacement was as easy as watching your video!!! 

  17. John Price says:

    you dont need to pry the top off, but pull the top forward and the clips disengage.

  18. Bob McGovern says:

    Thank you!  It took me about half an hour and $9.00 (I'm a novice), but it works like a champ now thanks to your well-done video!

  19. perfect!  all done!  thanks :)

  20. crochet mama says:

    Thank you! I didn't know it was so easy! (And you accent reminds me of home.) (Coastal NC)

  21. Emlyn A says:

    Got all the way down to putting the belt around the spindle/motor only to discover…there is no spindle; it's just a piece of metal with a semicircular end (with what looks to be many years of slow wear). Do Kenmore dryers use wheel-less spindles??

    All the same, great vid, thanks.

  22. Thanks for your video. The belt broke today and I was able to change it out without the help of a professional. This was the first time I have ever messed with a dryer and it was super easy with this video. word of warning to anyone though.. the inside edges of the dryer are sharp. I didn't realize this until I had cut my hand.

  23. Leanmass916 says:

    It must be my lucky day I found $4 after I took apart my dryer and my belt wasn't broken it just somehow fell off that bottom spinner piece. T/y for the video.

  24. nobluefood says:

    thank you so much!  my son-in-law was able to fix our dryer in about 15 minutes using this video!   saved us a service call for sure!

  25. Tim Fix says:

    The grooved side of the belt will need to face the motor pulley which should also be groved to match. That placement will determine what side of the belt faces the drum.

  26. thanks for the video. took me about 30 minutes, though…first time

  27. Ed Buckley says:

    Perfect. Clear and easy to understand.

  28. dihamelin says:

    Thank you SO much!!  We never know how to fix ANYthing and thanks to you, we just fixed our dryer ourselves.  WIN!  :)

  29. Jerry Perry says:

    Thank you for this video. I have done this before but could not recall just how. Once you snapped the top cover loose, it all came back to me! Excellent job!

  30. Thanks Joe! You saved me $175. The best part was I found $16.86 in change in the bottom of the dryer housing. $15.35!

  31. Very informative video….thx!

  32. This helped me determine that my dryer belt was not broken! Thanks!!

  33. The Yeti says:

    Thank you for making this video