Donnie Baker Demonstrates Home Repairs While Teaching Good Guitar Face!

This video shows how you can beat boredom and construction permits at the same time. Donnie Baker defines organized mayhem in what he calls an …


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33 Responses to “Donnie Baker Demonstrates Home Repairs While Teaching Good Guitar Face!”

  1. drummerbuzz says:

    The best and funniest stuff I've heard in a long time,..I make shit happen,.I swear to god,.

  2. Lol, "Angus Malmsteen"

  3. John Yonker says:

    That cock gun looked like a pork pistol Donny

  4. Chris T says:

    +Donnie Baker Do you snort Cocaine?

  5. Paul Iler says:

    Thank you Lonn F

  6. Gregg Norman says:

    eeehhh……this one was stupid…..other than the seven day wait for a caulk gun

  7. lmao, best part was you playing the stick guitar XD

  8. Ha Ha…nice pants Donnie

  9. Respond to your son….

  10. Jon Myers says:

    7 day waiting period for a caulk gun LMAO

  11. Jon Myers says:

    7 day waiting period for a caulk gun LMAO

  12. Becki Green says:

    You said "Kroger" wrong. Everyone knows it's Krogers, with an S, same State Law applies to any Department store, Walmarts, Targets, etc.

  13. Mike Glover says:

    Donnie I know you took discount karate did you also take discount air guitar lessons? Let me know.   Mike G.lover

  14. Paul Iler says:


  15. A Adu says:

    lol That whammy bar, that's exactly what I thought when I first heard that's what they call it (on the guitars & basses).

  16. Donnie you rock, thanks for replying to the guy about his dad! You make allot of people smile including my family, everyday!

  17. bradley4591 says:

    5 people have penis' that look like that…

  18. Dick Gazinya says:

    You outta sell them funky pants on ebays and use the money to buy some talent. state law, I swear to god it is

  19. gregl268 says:

    Donnie Baker rules. I swear to god he does. I'll say it right to his face.

  20. Timidator388 says:

    A little disappointed with you on this one. Once again you made me laugh (I swear to God you did!) BUT….. … .. . I was waiting for the bonus clip at the end but NOOOOoooo. :'(

  21. Chop says:

    This building in Frankfort Donnie?

  22. Cindy G says:

    Too damn funny!!! Love it you rock Donnie🍻💕✌️😂😂😂😂love you Donnie Baker my number one redneck in the spirit of the wolf use that birthday money and get more beer🍻🍻

  23. that's state law. I swear to God that's true

  24. Haha….."mayhem".

  25. Paul Iler says:

    Love you Donnie…My dad does to…He is on Hospice in Hospital and gonna lose him. I showed him this..He smiled. Thank you


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