Drywall and Wood Damage from Water Heater Leak-Home Repairs

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10 Responses to “Drywall and Wood Damage from Water Heater Leak-Home Repairs”

  1. Justin Meade says:

    realistically x10.lol no repairs?

  2. Susie Rojas says:

    Any advice helps. Thanks.

  3. Susie Rojas says:

    I see the problem as you explain it well; however the title does indicate repair and I did not see that portion.

    I have a bathroom in which the water seeped through the caulking of the shower wall and landed on the outside of the shower wall. The paint paints bubbly and the sheet rock looks like chalk but NO mold visible. I know this doesn't mean that it may not have been growing in the back. What I want to know is how to repair it.

  4. Get help from the experts! Set a date for a home inspection to ensure the safety of your home.

  5. VizCO says:

    Avoid potential damage by adding a water heater alarm and drain pan. 

  6. gregvancom says:

    I am often amazed at how many times someone actually views something as inferior or superior, simply because of its price. Hopefully this individual responds, but like so many who leave comments that require a little more information to support their claims, they disappear. 

  7. gregvancom says:

    Could you provide the viewers with a little more information about the products you use? Is there a reason why you would use one product over the other?

  8. gregvancom says:

    No I did this job about five years ago and it was actually the first time I worked for a man named John Smith, could you imagine that. I will probably never forget this job, because of his name. Anyway you're right on about the kitchen sink and you're doing your clients a big favor, by checking it out for them.

  9. gregvancom says:

    Hopefully I can keep up with it, but don't hesitate to let me know again, if it isn't working out. I appreciate as much input as anyone is willing to give.

  10. Imran Malik says:

    Thank you for improving voice of video


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