Easy Home Repairs : How to Change a Shutoff Valve

Changing the shutoff valve is something that you’ll have to know how to do for either the toilet or sink in your home. Change a faulty shutoff valve with help from a …


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7 Responses to “Easy Home Repairs : How to Change a Shutoff Valve”

  1. You dont video the actual fix leaves you confused exactly how to do it

  2. Makinja says:

    Disagree. Have seen much more thorough diy vids. You appear to know what you're doing, yet speed past key points eg: at 1:33 what did you throw away? at 2.00 what end exactly are you sealing with finger? your closeup of finger hid the detail.

  3. Frank L says:

    Good video.  Are they all galvanized with a male end screww on like your example?  Are any with solder?  Thanks.

  4. Remove stuck compresion nut

  5. Thank you sir, exactly what I needed to do

  6. Emerald C says:

    Hi, any advice on how to turn off corroded water shutoff valve? Tried spraying with PB Blaster but valve still wouldn't budge. 

  7. nice video…want to help me replace all mine? I need to do all 8