Home Electrical Repairs : How to Fix a Wall Light Switch

The light switch on a wall can be repaired using a number of common tools you may already have in your home. Fix a wall light switch with help from a …


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12 Responses to “Home Electrical Repairs : How to Fix a Wall Light Switch”

  1. Thanks for "Home Electrical Repairs : How to Fix a Wall Light Switch"

  2. Raxaxa Ganaz says:

    thank god I watch this first…I thought it would be okay to not turn off the power and fix it..but,hesitate..then watch this..now,ok..lets turn off the main power first before replace the switch..

  3. surphninja says:

    You shouldn't have just glossed over using the multimeter. Anyone that would need this video would need better instructions on testing that.

  4. whoever cut that hole in the wall did a shit job

  5. 5:30 Time says:

    Would I be doing the same thing with a outside light pole? my wiring box is all old.

  6. Instructions were too complicated. Got my penis caught in a ceiling fan.

  7. Andy Merrett says:

    "that doesn't mean you should proceed without caution" Great! I was going to switch the power off but I won't bother now. Might see if I can use a knife instead of a screwdriver too… :)

  8. cooldog60 says:

    I have power at the switch. But no power at the light fixture.

  9. om malla says:

    No man that's how you replace a Switch!!

  10. The title says "How to fix a wall light switch". What it should really say is "How to replace a wall light light switch".

  11. Robert Lind says:

    Jim thank you for being very clear and precise

  12. ZHouLZ says:

    hey im just a kid but an amazing thing happend 2 me
    our main switch has been destroyed my mother told me that to fix the switch and viola it works


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