Home foundation repair/sagging floor part 1

Poor boy home repairs.


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32 Responses to “Home foundation repair/sagging floor part 1”

  1. NFG MOTO says:

    awesome video. lmao @ "tuba 4"

  2. here a question have an exterior wall with walkway looks as though many years of rain have separated it from the house thinking of best way to reinforce wall on a hillside any ideas

  3. Brian says:

    Great job Jordon, very inspiring.

  4. My entry is sagging 4 inches at the centre but there is not even crawl space beneath. I can't tell if the floor has detached from the load bearing wall, or if the massive weight of the wall has pushed everything down. I want to salvage the old maple hardwood so it looks like I'll be pulling the floors, levelling the problem, and reinstalling. It's a HUGE job but the hack DIY engineered floor they had levelled on top was so bad and embarrassing it has to be done.

    Thanks for the vid. I appreciate your hesitation.

  5. Jordon, Great work there. I have only one question…@ 4:07 and 8:25 is that cinder block laying on its side for the support? If it is that is very wrong and can only support a fraction of the weight that it is designed for . Cheers!

  6. ifpff says:

    Did you have any issues with things like electrical conduit, gas, water lines being stressed? They seem like they'd mostly come up with it since they're long runs and have a little flex. But what I'm wondering is my gas meter's on the side of my house and I don't want it to be pulled up or apart where it's a little rusted going into the dirt on the city side of the connection, that'd be a nightmare. And I have electrical conduit from the main breaker to the garage going underground. Would I need to dig up and disconnect it all you think?

  7. Nice job doing what you had to do with what you had to work with to protect your investment. You may want to use some screw jacks under the 4×4's for support especially under the load bearing walls.

  8. Scott Lucky says:

    jordan great video i have a similar situation in calif the home is old and has a sagging area in the entry and used yr method it worked great it s with in the levl lines now

  9. Carl H says:

    Are those beer bottles? It'll probably help me do it too.

  10. Al Felker says:

    Thanks alot for sharing your experience with raising your floor.

  11. Great, Jordan, thanks for taking the time to show us what you did to fix the sagging floor, the best video and details yet!

    From one boy poor to another one…smile!

  12. I got this to look forward to, unfortunately… Judging by your video though, it looks like the hardest part was just lugging those piers in that tight ass space, eh?

  13. Gato Rivera says:

    Thanks for sharing, your work and video will help me get started on our house. The center 6"x 12" wood joist under the house ( built 1929 ) is off by 3.5" between the front/rear rooms due to faulty old concrete.

  14. Interesting video, are you going to provide part 2?

  15. WCSD says:

    You went through the right steps but should have used different materials. Deck blocks on solid packed dirt and 4×4 posts would have been better to support the beams, the broken brick and concrete block on its side has little structural strength. I don't know how the addition floor joists are tied into the original foundation wall, but if it sagged that far you need joist hangers on that rim joist, which may or may not need additional holes drilled and bolted into the concrete if its not secure. I know you're on a budget, but deck blocks and treated 4×4 posts, hangers and fasteners, and bolts shouldn't be more than a couple hundred dollars to do it right. You would need a hammer drill though, and an impact driver for hanger screws if you don't have a compressor and palm nailer. All in all an okay solution, especially if it worked and you saved a ton.

  16. getting ready to buy a house soon. its good to know that it is possible to do this. hope it all works out for you

  17. questions please
    could a home foundation form in to a water tank as well

  18. aaron,
    I had no issues with any of the plumbing and I was working under the bathroom. I did place some paver bricks under the big 3 in line going to the toilet because when I raised the floor it did lift the pipe off the ground about an inch. But no real issues to speak of. I will also be doing the Part 2 very soon. I wanted to give the house some time to settle back into place. hopefully I will be out soon and I will show you guys what I've done. And thanks for the tips I will be changing some of the ways I supported the house (I don't want the bricks to break). I will show everything in the next video.

  19. aaron page says:

    Jordon, I'm getting ready to do this at my house, an old 1948 2/1, has some low points.  did you notice any issues with plumbing – toilet flange, water lines, drain lines, etc?  Thanks.

  20. cartonvera says:

    I'm about to lift a house. was looking for what bottle Jacks to use. I see some on amazon 8 ton for $16 shipped free. Will get 4 of those. It's a small 2bd house that I'm looking to raise about 1 ft off termite ground

  21. thanks for sharing this , i know that we could do this too .😱

  22. atcjos says:

    where is part 2?

  23. Bondo says:

    nice video. what I can tell you from experience is never use hollow concrete cinder blocks as shims. especially on its side. there is no strength on the flat side it can and eventually will will crush. they were intended for walls filled with concrete. not sure what that red shim is but if it's a cheap concrete brick I would be leary of that as well. that 16 x 8 x 4 is good. your best bet is a permanent adjustable jack stand getting rid of all the blocks and shims you can get short ones that only cost about 25 bucks. then you can go down there every so often and adjust them

  24. Well Mike Holmes wasn't here to help with this repair. And like I said I'm no professional just someone who does what i can with what I have. And yeah I paid for the inspection. 

  25. LAGGYRAGE says:

    Mike Holmes would not approve of this repair.

    I also hope you paid the contractor that helped "teach" you how to do this at least something for wasting his time to come look at YOUR problem.

  26. dadrules714 says:

    Where are you buying a house for $100k? I'd buy more than one for that.
    Nice vid. i'm looking for a solution to 6' of permafrost and winter summer heaving 4' thick /112 yr old fieldstone foundation
    You haven't seen shifting floors till you've come to new england.

  27. S Cripps says:

    In my opinion you made an excellent video.  Nice to see the work a guy can do without having any previous experience and using basically what was available either on the cheap or at no cost.  I saw a tip on another such video where someone commented on the cement blocks being placed on their sides ruined the strength value of the blocks.  I guess the blocks need to be put in place upright with the holes running from top to bottom.  
    I think leveling the floor would automatically cause some minor cracks which should be expected – that is not a fault whatsoever.  Great job – now I will tackle my 208 year old housel and hopefully do as well as you did. Thanks from Canada.

  28. Rodrigo says:

    Thanks for this. Good job. Exactly what I was looking for.

  29. Thanks for sharing your experiences under the house!!  Much appreciated.



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