Home Repairs & Improvements : How to Apply Joint Tape

Apply joint tape to drywall after filling all cracks with joint compound. Apply drywall joint tape with tips from a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) …


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4 Responses to “Home Repairs & Improvements : How to Apply Joint Tape”

  1. AJShez83 says:

    Tape applied wrong way around. Classic sign of an amateur. 

  2. b says:

    outstanding – thanks for posting!

  3. wasabimanic says:

    how about repairs to a length of ceiling where there appears there was either no jointing tape or a failure ( movement crack) and a 3 foot long crack has appeared. Would I be OK just caulking it or trying to tape over? I'm thinking this would ruin the overall finish

  4. thanks for video is exactly what I needed to do my repair.


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