Home Repairs & Improvements : How to Install Caulking Around Windows

Prep the caulking area around house windows before installing caulk, and don’t cut the caulking tube tip hole too large. Install caulk around windows with tips …


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5 Responses to “Home Repairs & Improvements : How to Install Caulking Around Windows”

  1. loveofwolfs says:


    You wont like the results from dap crap. It has so much water in it that when it dries it shrinks A LOT. so much so that it will crack.

    we used it on a project and almost every joint broke free and split. Job was inside wall to celing joint. Material is an epic fail. stay away from this product. buy GE not DAP

  2. loveofwolfs says:

    it amazes me! This is the 3rd video tave watched about caulking and EVERYONE of them has told people to use their finger to tool the beed. i can't stop laughing at how unporfessional these people are. USE A TOOL. NOT A FINGER.

    3rd EPIC FAIL in a row. New record.

  3. Dennis Howe says:

    You need "The Caulking Stick", as seen on You Tube. It will save time, material, mess and bloody fingers.

  4. the gun is making a big o'l mess…you are o.O

  5. caulklegend says:

    people stop touching this material with your hands.take time out to read warning lables on merchandise. i see this often they have tooling knifes for stuff like this.this product contains chemicals known to the state to cause cancer i cant say this enough use gloves,and a mask exspecially when tearing out old material that hasnt been tested.


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