Home repairs Wigan Council style…

How Wigan Council repairs garage gates…


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10 Responses to “Home repairs Wigan Council style…”

  1. shitty grammar I got a b of level in gcses what did you get if you went to school.

  2. Major Seven says:

    Wigan stinks of piss and dog shit and has an IQ of -1576435789

  3. Major Seven says:

    Retarded wiganer! Throw yourself in the canal with your underfed bull terrier. Make sure you sell all your methadone first. DICKHEAD

  4. tom plum says:

    hiya jimmy if you want some good tradesmen to look at your door come here for a advice,a moan, a laff swear all day long and tell us some funny stuff
    trade-support.freeforums.net hope to se thi theur

  5. Oryx Beisa says:

    Can't believe you would complain about getting some free wood tbh m8. Quality job all round really.

  6. SiLatics56 says:

    Whereabouts in Wigan is that?

  7. big bad wolf says:

    fucking mears want going.on that cowboy builders set of 2 bob cunt

  8. JmeJ83 says:

    The council are a set of monkeys mate, can't do anything without fucking it up


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