House repairs after flooding update 1

House repairs after flooding update 1 Everything is out of the house and it is stripped down to bare subfloor. Kitchen and bathrooms are gutted. It’s gonna be a …


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33 Responses to “House repairs after flooding update 1”

  1. steve b says:

    very sad to see the extent of the flood damage shocking, glad you have the support to see you through this i wish you all the luck buddy…

  2. satajet883 says:

    That is a terrible thing. Your doing a great job handling the situation. 

  3. I just saw this because I had been somehow unsubbed and didn't realize it. This is about as disheartening as anything I can imagine. As a house owner it really makes me shudder. I know we should not become so attached to our earthly belongings, but one puts so much effort and love into a home and then to have it so severely damaged is a terrible blow. I send you my thoughts and prayers and hope the reconstruction goes well without further mishap. Thanks for sharing this, Shawn.

  4. IGotYourBack says:

    Sorry to hear about this, If I were closer buddy I'd give you a hand. Neighbor nearby had their house catch fire. A shame when stuff like this happens. If it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all. Keep us updated. – Chase

  5. great video brother, sorry for your loss there, the only thing worse than water is fire, been there….
    You are truly blessed to have all the support in making the situation bearable…
    Glad no one was injured and you are okay. Rebuild is for winners, you'll make it all work brother,because that's your style..
    All the best Shawn, you are the man !

  6. 512kjt says:

    Holy moly what a lot of work. Sorry to hear bout the flood damage, hope your mom's doing okay. Good luck, we're rootin' for you! KT

  7. Wouldn't it be easier to start fresh? What about a pre-fab home as a.replacement UT couldn't be anymore expensive? 

  8. Alot of damage, glad to see the shoring up looks solid

  9. 265chevy says:

    I went to look for your next video i am so happy to see that you are getting so much done you are blessed to have such a great group of friends will say prayers for your family and all your friend they are great people.Just keep yourself safe and take care of yourself it will get done in time later and keep us posted later

  10. Nice call on the house movers!
    Its a big big BIG damn job! Glad you are getting some help. Hang in there buddy!
    Whats up with that cough Shawn? You wearing a mask in that house buddy?

  11. That is crazy..glad you are sane that looks overwhelming! !

  12. well I dont know what to say, im gob smacked….Keep your head up, and I wish you the very best of luck…

  13. Bo Williams says:

    It keeps saying no stream for the video

  14. wtbm123 says:

    Hey you had a great idea calling the house movers . That looks to work out well  Glad you got friends close that can help. 

  15. Amazing the destructive power of moving water.

  16. I'm surprised the water table does'nt keep flooding the basement but if it is'nt that's a good sign. My neighbor remodels homes with failed foundations or just a crawlspace, they support the building with cribbing just like that and work under there with a skidloader. Im still working on last june's storm damage here but take it 1 room at a time.

  17. Timetotinker says:

    great progress on a huge job, keep the faith bro………….tony

  18. I'm so sorry to see this mess, it must be real tough for you but I cannot imagine how your Mum feels about it all.
    You have done a great deal with friends and helpers to open the walls up and floor stripping etc so that they begin to dry out but dealing with those collapsed foundations looks to be an almighty huge task. Best wishes to you all in the circumstances.

  19. Mark Sponge says:

    Wow a lot of damage for sure. You have done a great job of removing the affected walling ect. 

  20. Hate to see that Shawn but I know you'll pull through…the gang with you

  21. man watching is very sad…glad e1 was alright

  22. asicerik says:

    Like you said Shawn, not a boo hoo video. It is awesome to see everyone pulling together like that. Like Jerry said below, if your YT brothers and sisters were close by, you can bet they would be there helping too. Take care of yourself.

  23. Kyle Keefe says:

    Good luck, coming along good so far.

  24. Damn dude that is a shame!!  Glad your mom has you and all the people helping !!!

  25. snocrushr says:

    Thanks for sharing the video, it's good to see you are making progress. That's a big project but from what I have seen you're the one to get it done. Take care Shawn.

  26. what a mass…. dont tell me that john deere want under 2…………… good luck with the house, 🙂 work safe bud. :)

  27. A lot of work but it looks like you got er handled. Looks like you rented every fan in the county, should have it dried out in no time.

  28. Blazer02LS says:

    Looks all too familiar. This area was hit with major flooding repeatedly, after many years of minor flooding. Some folks jumped up and started recovery. Other sat on their asses and waited for someone else to clean up, and when help from outside showed up, they sat on their asses and complained that it wasn't fast enough, that they didn't get anything and more…

    From your voice you sound sick, if it started while you are working in that house see a doctor. There were a LOT of folks with various illnesses after the floods here, some were simple allergies, others were due to the crap (literally) and crud in the water. When it dried the dust was nasty stuff.

    On the house, would it be of ant benefit to jack the entire thing up a foot or so, then pour a full basement? Full pour and sealed with plastic and roof coat would stop the water cold. You could insulate as well, that would help with heat/cooling costs.

  29. fbodyfan2 says:

    it looks like they did a good job cribbing the walls up. whats the plan there,lay new block? the positive side the way the foundation caved it could have been alot worse. i missed your first vid on this don't sound to healthy, take care of your self so you can take care of mom. good luck with it sean

  30. TheEZGZ says:

    I haven't been on the tube for a few weeks now.  Just popped in to see what was up and am shocked. Thoughts and prayers comin your way. Good job on getting after it. One tiny thing at a time. Don't look at the whole picture to often. Take care

  31. Cheator40 says:

    You have done a huge amount of work there Shawn. I sure wish I lived close so I could of taken some time off work to give you a hand. Take care my brother and you got my number if you need to talk or anything. 


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