How to do Basic Home Repairs : Detecting & Locating a Gas Leak

Learn the basics of how to detect and locate the source of a gas leak from a home repair professional in this free online DIY home improvement video. Expert: …


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7 Responses to “How to do Basic Home Repairs : Detecting & Locating a Gas Leak”

  1. My neighbor and I re-installed my gas water heater with, seemingly, no problems. I proudly gave myself a celebratory sit down. Resturning a short time later for clean up, I could smell the gas leak that was missed. I tried childrens blowing bubbles…nothing. I tried straight dish liquid…nothing. I pulled up your video…who knew brushing on half water and half detergent would do the trick? YOU did. I found the leak and made the fix. All before the wife got home. Thanks a bunch, EXPERT!

  2. big vinny says:

    Hey this is obviously a do it yourself install, the bottom access door is upside down, no drip tee before gas control valve, flex line not to be used on this type of installation. Also where is the blow by tube from P& T valve? You cant see the vent but I'm guessing it is vented improperly. Who calls this Expert Village?

  3. Lisa French says:

    @mancnproud09 Not everyone can afford it!!

  4. Not this guy again, he is the worst.

  5. roger weston says:

    @andre68977 nahh depends where you live

  6. I wonder if every home is equipped with Gas Leak Technology which can detect any gas leak in the house not just the garage. Because sometimes you forget to turn off your oven in the kitchen leaving the gas to leak through-out the house. 

  7. mdirtbike says:

    i like to use a spray bottle with soapy water it saves time.. also check the main burner and pilot connections on the bottom of the water heater controls they leak out of the factory sometimes