How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Fill Gaps in Brick Mortar for Home Improvement

Learn the basics of how to fix mortar around the bricks of your house by filling gaps from a home repair professional in this free online DIY home improvement …


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42 Responses to “How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Fill Gaps in Brick Mortar for Home Improvement”

  1. PAUL POINTER says:

    Please, do show us how to rake out.

  2. you're not done until you lick your fingers clean!

  3. Is it legal to provide this level of misinformation?

  4. @NoOneGreaterThanHe hehe…. Yups, that's 5 parts 'Cuckoo Nest' – 1 Part 'day after Tomorrow' I'd say.

  5. Thor Peace says:

    or if you've got a five year old let them do it.

  6. PAUL POINTER says:


  7. Woofie Dawg! says:

    If that guy is an expert, i must be a chuffin` genius ! Where did he learn that technique ? From watching Mr Bean or the 3 Stooges ! Somebody should introduce him to a Builders Merchant for a Hawk & Trowel,or at least "Point" him in the right direction.

  8. I'm In Local 1 Bricklayers & and allied Craftworkers Union out of New York City. I work with Brick and Mortar all day Long and this guy is a complete moron. First off you need your mortar to be a bit dryer than what he's showing, and use what is known as a hawk, or the back end of the trowel you will need to mix the mortar, to set your mixed mortar on. Then you will need a tuck pointer to push the mortar into the joint between the brick. Mortar should be moist but not wet, as it will stain

  9. PAUL POINTER says:

    I've given you a thums up !
    best laugh I've had in ages, thanks.

  10. can you imagine living in Expert Village?! ..It would be like a mixture between 'One flew over the Cuckoo's nest' and 'Day after Tomorrow'

  11. How did this guy get on expert village? What a clown!

  12. wise up – is it 1st of april?

  13. PAUL POINTER says:


  14. 1too3fore says:

    wow, what a sad video

  15. roger weston says:

    ahahah he is touching lime and silica sand..PEOPLE DO NOT DO THAT this is 100% perfect way to get a chemacal burn..

  16. James_SR says:

    Utter rubbish! 

  17. enmil says:

    this was the most stupid thing i ever seen. the title should be how not to fill gaps in brick mortar..

  18. get a 1/4 "slicker for $3.99 dumbass , also you got to joint it / wire brush the stains and light brush it with a broom .
    p.s wet mortar is corrosive so you definitely want to wear gloves.

  19. Look this video at HEESWIJKS its have skills

  20. brickclimber says:

    ehehhehhehe finger jointing, hehe theres tools for that hehee

  21. Stephen King says:

    Can you fill my crack with your finger? :D

  22. speckspeck says:

    get a book at the library and look under brick pointing…..then use a hawk or flat sheet of metal and slide the raw material with the pointing tool, push the exact amount into the crevice and don't make such a mess

  23. you sir are a fcuking douchebag u sicken me you fooking prik

  24. spazmoso says:

    id hate to see what a rank amatuer would do

  25. dizzy67 says:

    Classic. Using his fingers. This MUST be a wind-up?

  26. dizzy67 says:

    Why is he out of breath ? Has he just been furiously [email protected]?

  27. dutchmaya88 says:

    HE probably charged 2500 $ for this job !

  28. shawnstam says:

    can you fill my crack?

  29. Gary Lloyd says:

    Hehe, this guy may be an expert from expert village, but his expertise is definately NOT in brickwork.

  30. Toast says:

    what if i can't find any fingers?

  31. well prepared endeed and who cares about Protective equipment…

  32. defjef333 says:

    this video is wind up, has to be.

  33. Donald Cagle says:

    This is worst than a poor rating. Homeowners forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!In the worst way. Please remove this video. I can explain why no only is this the worst thing you can do but would cost you possibly several hundred dollars more to clean the mess up and redo it right.

  34. White boys and bricklaying dont mix!!!!!
    Rubber gloves………..what are we washing dishes!!!!
    If you claim to be a real mason…
    The hands are in a sense gloves due to the abuse and over working required to be a mason.

  35. fuck you irishwolfhound1987 in the u.s. we use tuck pointers

  36. what an idiot i hope he is jokeing i could name many resons why this is bad and will not fix the problem but you prob already no

  37. Tozzywozzy says:

    I agree with you all. Thought the same thing before reading comments.



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