How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Fix a Slow Running Toilet

Learn the basics of how to fix a slow running toilet from a home repair professional in this free online DIY home improvement video. Expert: Greg Lim Bio: Greg …


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8 Responses to “How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Fix a Slow Running Toilet”

  1. glenzo2 says:

    another trick i saw is to pour vinegar down the water refill spout and let sit over night. And to make vinegar spit balls and stick on the underside of the toilet. Assuming hard water deposit build up is the problem. 

  2. Alexia Carr says:

    How Do You Stop A Fast Run Over Toilet.

  3. what if this doesn't work. 

  4. Caglehead268 says:

    no wire hangeerrrrsss!!!!

  5. Diabolik771 says:

    @mdirtbike You are correct. I had old ballcock type and it had no VWOOSH! because there wasn't enough water in the tank. Had to bend it up to allow a little more water and I got the VWOOSH!

  6. Bill Palmer says:

    Pour a gallon of vinegar down the overflow tube (in the tank) that will help dissolve not just the stuff you can see (and reach with a coathanger) but the buildup within the toilet as well.
    I saw this solution on the Ramona's Plumber youtube channel.

  7. mdirtbike says:

    I do plumbing for a living and alot of people dont know this trick. u can also adjust the water level in the tank for a better flush

  8. good tip on old toilets