How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Kill Mold Before Painting for Home Improvement

Learn the basics of how to kill mold on a wall before painting in this free online DIY home improvement video. Expert: Greg Lim Bio: Greg Lim is a professional …


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18 Responses to “How to do Basic Home Repairs : How to Kill Mold Before Painting for Home Improvement”

  1. Nonya Biznus says:

    white vinegar!!!! how come everyone still thinks bleach works

  2. this guy has now spread the mold to other surfaces. he has cross contaminated his place. prolly not going to be a big deal, but I would not fallow these instructions. best way to remove mold is to remove the source.

  3. let it dry and if it is still there add about 20 more coats until its gone lol.

  4. Paul Nesbitt says:

    Okay, which one is it, bleach or baking soda???

  5. @song110beforgiving you sound dumb, and it is kinda rocket science obviously for you. bleach doesn NOT kill mold, it bleaches it.. as in the color. BAKING SODA people. scrub the patch w/ baking soda and warm water. baking soda kills mold. BAM

  6. ATINNERE says:

    4 water 1 bleach

  7. Where is this guys mask? Again this guy is a idiot!!!

  8. baycrusher says:

    Dude that's toxic!!! get a mold inspector!!!

  9. The problem with using bleach is it evaporates and after that loses it's effect.
    If you want to be more anal, get a specific mold killer at a home center or use a paint that kills and seals after the bleach.

    You must control the moisture problem eventually, or it will grow back.

  10. Bleach WILL kill the mold, so will vinegar, tea tree oil, etc.
    There are many things that will kill it.
    It comes back because of moisture, this isn't rocket science.
    Mold is around is all the time. It is a problem when it is concentrated and we breathe it for extended periods. Not all people are affected by it the same either.

    These guys saying bleach doesn't kill it are spammers and misinformed!

  11. mrmartyman7 says:

    what is the ratio of SB x water ?

  12. vjmeht says:

    Borax or a commercial product called 'Concrobrium Mold Control' will do the trick in not only removing the mold but killing the spore roots and encapsulating, preventing further growth. Check at your local Home Improvement Center.

  13. bigjim10011 says:

    @joemoma90 i think you need to go to "collage" lmao.

  14. bigjim10011 says:

    @joemoma90 Wrong do some research junior. That's like saying you can put an insect in bleach and it will live. Mold will kill any living organism. I dare you to put any microorganism in bleach and then view it under a microscope. 

  15. smartass2st says:

    I know this comment is kinda late. But someone just commented on an old post of mine too. But they say bleach dont kill mold because it will mess with the mold removing industry. People would spend less money on buying over expensive solutions, and go to the store and buy something easy and cheap. People dont understand that if you soak mold in bleach for a few minutes and then wipe it away, its gone. They're idiots.

  16. Charlie Knox says:

    I don't think you know what you're talking about.

  17. smartass2st says:

    So many people try to say that bleach don't kill mold. I work in construction and thats what we use to kill mold on sheetrock if it got wet durring contstruction. It does work. You can litteraly watch it kill the mold. Bleach is awesome.

  18. photoguy555 says:

    Where did you ever come up with this BLEACH is a thing of the past dude. Ever hear of a respirator? Got one? The common approach for the professional is to (wearing PPE) remove the contaminated drywall and allowing it to dry then replace it and texture it. If you post another one of these maybe you should get some training first. Misinforming people could put someone in the hospital.