How To Raise Sagging Subfloor Joist with Jacks and Blocks – Framing Repairs Click on this link for more articles about construction, building and home repairs. This video will provide you with a few ways you …


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15 Responses to “How To Raise Sagging Subfloor Joist with Jacks and Blocks – Framing Repairs”

  1. Great Video!! Thank U

  2. I wish you lived close to me my house needs a lot of knick knack work that I'm clueless on doing trying to learn all this stuff to save the family money but some of it seems so overwhelming thank you for posting such videos they help people like me who have no idea where to even start

  3. I recently bought a house that needs some floors raised. I just want to make the house as close to level as possible. My house is sitting on over 30 piers. The piers are concrete blocks with wood on top. I need to replace some of the rotten wood and level the whole place. Could you tell me the proper way to level my house and replace the wood without damaging my interior walls? Also, could you explain how I am supposed to check to see if I am leveling it? For example, do I use a level under the house or in the doorway inside the house or just make all the piers the same height. I would greatly appreciate any guidance. God bless. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  4. Great video series, thanks for posting.

  5. Cee Tee says:

    Hi there, Ive learned so much from your videos, but Ive watched this and your other floor jacking video, and I am still a bit confused. Would the plan be to leave the jacks in permanently or are you using the jacks just to get the joists raised up enough to get permanent wood blocking installed. Love the videos, Thanks a lot

  6. Rob Connolly says:

    Great video! I do have a question. At 5:10 you said this is what you are going to want to do if you have a large sag. I was wondering what you considered a large sag. Here are some pictures of what I am working with. Any recommendations would be great.

  7. Pat Peacock says:

    Your initial view showed a screw jack and you stated using a hydraulic jack. Not the same.

  8. There's someone I know who uses cinder-block under the jack, and a piece of 2×6 on top of the jack to but against the joist.

  9. Aren't termites an issue with wood blocking??

  10. Adam Dame says:

    Thanks great job .for the blocks should I use treated wood . termite resistant ?

  11. pei broker says:

    thank you…

  12. Also if you wanna replace a sagging joists, which methods can I do? Thanks again

  13. Maxima says:

    Please feel free to make a video on sistering. Greg, how and with what do you measure across the joists to find how much they need to be raised or to find out which joists are lower in an unfinished basement? Do you raise all of them to the highest one?

  14. Thanks, but  what should you do if your joist are sagging in a basement where there are 8' ceiling and you don't wanna leave a bottle jack in place.  How can i repair the joists?  Do you jack it then sister it with another joist?