How To Raise Small Leaning Sheds – Home Repairs Click on this link for more videos on sheds, house framing and remodeling. In this video I will provide …


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5 Responses to “How To Raise Small Leaning Sheds – Home Repairs”

  1. Thank you. Exactly what I needed to know.

  2. Pappa Bob says:

    That last option looks like a real good one. You could make that one even more solid by lagging the ledger you showed and doubling it up with another one that extends out under the side wall top plates and using a 4X4 post so it picks up on both ledgers.

  3. Jose Macias says:

    cool vid. What do you use for the graphics? Doesn't look like sketchup

  4. tonkmonster says:

    good video.  thanks.  What is the proper support, or surface material to put under the shed to prevent this sinking from happening in the future?  Concrete blocks?  Gravel?  Railroad ties?


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