How to Repair a Cracked Drywall Ceiling – This Old House

This Old House”] general contractor Tom Silva shows how to permanently patch a damaged ceiling. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to …


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23 Responses to “How to Repair a Cracked Drywall Ceiling – This Old House”

  1. bubu mic says:

    I could never live in a house like that … i-d be afraid to break it :)

  2. April Mae says:

    That's the IDEARRRR, HEE HEE, sounds like a New Jersey accent! Great repair!

  3. MEVD2011 says:

    Kevin! What a 🔔🔚 😂😂😂😂

  4. Orta Blood says:

    I think there were other methods to go about repairing the ceiling . This was time consuming. Overall … nice repair.

  5. I could of done that in 3 steps, OVERKILL, but then again there's real carpenters and then there's TV gypsies

  6. afterray says:

    This old house ROCKS ! :-)

  7. Leigh Jordan says:

    That's how you get the most out of the job. I would only do that if I had plywood laying around otherwise your talking about 100$ plus repair with extra leftover. Paint sticks , 5 min mud, done in 45 min( includes priming )

  8. E Battaz says:

    how do drywall a curved egde on the ceiling?

  9. Ann Foster says:

    Thank you for the great video. The man I found on Vis-a-Vis (mobile app) just fixed drywall by sucking it back up into the ceiling as well as you. You are fantastic!!!

  10. pbaylis1 says:

    I guess they developed these skip trowel plastering methods because plasterers got sick of having to create a perfectly flat finish all the time.

  11. and my final criticism is that this adds no integrity to the drywall. what will happen is over time, especially since it's the attic where it's hot. that glue will melt, it'll cause the drywall to separate and it will make that ceiling sag. I hope no one is doing this.

  12. and that's not skip trowel. that type of texture is called "hawk and trowel". skip trowel is applied with a special curved knife 18 inches wide. some also mix the mud very thin and add sand to it to actually make the trowel Skip.

  13. this has to be the most complicated and inefficient repair I've ever seen. people saying saving material etc. the plywood costs more then drywall. cut it out. and just scab a new peice in. and drywall mud is less than 10$ for a 20lb bag

  14. 2degucitas says:

    Came downstairs to find my livingroom ceiling sagging. It split at a join. Will have to do this repair. At least it didn't fall down like the neighbors did. What a mess!

  15. Black King says:

    2:56 would of been considered fixed to me😂

  16. fantastic video well done

  17. Woomera says:

    another great video. thanks.

  18. TomKaren94 says:

    The people making negative comments don't know what's going on here. Tom's done drywall patches on the show before. Because of the texture on the ceiling, he's simply recreating the way plaster cracks are repaired using the plaster buttons. Anyone who's done 100s of plaster repairs in old houses like I have would recognize it. It may seem like a little overkill, but the job gets done with this alternative very nicely.

  19. raoul crisan says:

    why not replace the hole section???

  20. Sal Dash says:

    Change it better

  21. A whole two hours of work condensed into a 6:49 video… fixing stuff like drywall is just such a waste of life…

  22. I am sure the best plans is on woodprix website

  23. dickie jay says:

    but what if there is no adik in the house and u can't get up there what do u do then?sorry if Iv spelt it wrong