Internal rendering plaster ceiling repairs

Internal rendering plaster ceiling repairs, always wear glasses as the dust kept falling. Hello everyone in this video we show you how to repair Internal rendering …


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30 Responses to “Internal rendering plaster ceiling repairs”

  1. Kirk, You da man. I had to figure this out on my own and fortunately for me I did it right but watching you do it gave me a sense of relief that my work was done right. Thank you so much. PS I had the insulation problem I had to vacuum it out through the lathe's and cut a hole and install new fiberglass but it all worked out.

  2. Karla Kies says:

    I'm also wondering if Sheetrock can be hung right over lath and plaster walls?

  3. Karla Kies says:

    Hey Kirk! I have an old house that has crumbling lath plaster with wall paper over the walls. If I just want to patch some holes and then wall paper over the plaster, what would be the best way to get the paper to adhere?

  4. FSAUDIOGUY says:

    Great job Kirk!

  5. Bambi Luong says:

    Thank you so much,really helpful

  6. Thanks so much for a great demonstration video!!!

  7. Fantastic! Thank you for showing us your hard work! I grew up in a victorian home and I grew to like plaster, I am not fond of sheet rock – but blue board and plaster is a beautiful thing!

  8. Was that daylight coming through the lathe? An attic vent?  That sure didn't look right.

  9. Can't watch a prick who wears shades 'inside'
    What a douche.

  10. Max X says:

    I wanted to see the end product :(

  11. TheSprayking says:

    thanks kirk, I like seeing you use hot mud, I always go running to the store for diamond when I do lath patches. up here in the north bay I don't run into a ton of plaster repair so your vids are awesome. thx

  12. SOFISINTOWN says:

    Thank you! Just what I need!

  13. John Gorman says:

    Lovely job Kirk, you made that look so easy and you never lost your cool. I'd be fighting like grim death and end up getting covered in plaster then you are a very skilled man, a craftsman no less. Thanks for showing us how it's done mate.

  14. thelfinion says:

    nice, i've learnt more today about plastering just watching you mate………but banana and coffee?

  15. Your arms must ache like a mutha fucker

  16. Hugo Booo says:

    Wouldn't be easier and faster to put a piece is shire and seal the border and that's it

  17. why you don't use any net?

  18. Liam Owens says:

    Your far too slow. "Move it"

  19. Penney Baker says:

    awesome i have a 1908 vic brick home and well she fits the bill , i have totally restored her except for a few minor repairs , too the plaster , your awesome and thank you for the info

  20. Sam Rugtiv says:

    very good you are a old pro for sure

  21. Thank you very much for showing the easiest way to plastering, I lost count of how many of your videos I watched so far.

  22. Pepper Rae says:

    We had an identical problem on our front porch ceiling. We used 1/2 " insulation foam panels instead of sheet rock. We glued, then stapled those in place. Then we finished the remaining tiny gaps off with light stucco compound. It looks great! and slightly flexible as house settles.

  23. mark vylonis says:

    Question ? , why don't you use a base coat first, like stucto-lite ,and then finish coat.

  24. Owl Dude says:

    Who dislicked this?

  25. I have a smaller crack in my plaster ceiling (100+ year old house), and while I'd love to do it myself, I doubt I could get it to match well enough to pass a potential buyer's eye. How much would you or a typical contractor charge for a repair like you did in this video? Thanks!

  26. awesome sun glasses

  27. seadooman o says:

    wrong , wrong first of all needs to paint with plaster weld so that plaster can adhere to old ceiling/ it will crack again with time because its not tapped, the reason why is because the mix of plaster between old and new plaster has different density, and will expand and contract at different rates and crack that is how to correctly plaster ceiling