Today I repair my house and get it nice and organized so that we can get back on track with the series! I really am happy to be back and I hope you all can …


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49 Responses to “Minecraft HOME REPAIRS – SMP HOW TO MINECRAFT S2 #32 with JeromeASF”

  1. rotten flesh can breed your dogs

  2. Max Cat says:

    JEROME:We must have killed a lot of creepers that i did not know about…
    ME:Yes…EPISODE 25…"Super Charged Creeper" And EPISODE 26 "Killing The Wither" ooohh boy did you kill a lot of creepers!!

  3. Remboy Laray says:

    slimes and magma cream

  4. Beast Fc says:

    Is it just me or is there a blue thing popping up

  5. Julie Bailey says:

    I mean chezz I been watching this week's for 2 days almost finished with it

  6. Riya Khanom says:

    what are you dowing

  7. Hells Priest says:

    Anyone who says Jerome messed with so an so`s prank is a lier he only made it better

  8. why are your videos terrible quality?

  9. keep all of your armor you never know when you need it I keep leather and gold

  10. awesome video I love your castle 😀

  11. umm did anyone notice that the Skype bubble was popping up and down

  12. go diamonds mining for u can get more diamonds and also get some other ores and sell them for some more mouney because u gambled all of it.

  13. horse amore should be in the armoe chest

  14. JEROME, if you want to break all of the pressure plates at the same time, use water buckets to break them all at once

  15. What is the name of the server you play on

  16. Jerome has a super good diamond axe that is better than the iron one he put in the corner y Jerome y

  17. Awesome videos We r rly big fans we hope u can check out our videos cuz we started this channel in admiration of you

  18. Jerome, you can sell rotten flesh!

  19. Mr.JET says:

    Jerome just keep being great do what ever your HEART desires

  20. FSKyuremYT says:

    Slimeballs are good for Mining Fatigue potions(mcMMO custom potions) and for Magma Creams when combined with Blaze Powders

  21. Mr Dodge says:

    Bring back Steve the cow!!!!!!!!!

  22. u should make a statue of u and Mitch 😀

  23. You have a lava pit

  24. Ssgss Goku says:

    The bow and the pickaxe in the one of the chest

  25. don't throw away the armor sell it it gets you moneeeey

  26. OMG JEROME! The bows without enchantments on them that are damaged you should have kept! You can combine them in a crafting table and it will combine the durability! You had like 8 you could have made like 1 full-durability bow and 1 half-durability bow!

  27. LJ says:

    Mitch is an ass crack

  28. Luc Durand says:

    Your castle land is beautiful. 

  29. Jerome Make a junk chest Because you might need some of the "useless" stuff.

  30. MC OP says:


  31. hrr RuiRen says:

    He should sell all the staff he don't want!:D:D:D:D:D

  32. Faith Ward says:

    What have we done to jerome

  33. LivRose says:

    when you get more money you should get rob to clean up your house and make it look pretty 😺

  34. Jerome use the armor for salvage and repair levels

  35. SKAR_Dungeon says:

    Phone buzzing real professional Jerome jk 

  36. FlotalFilms says:

    I don't want to sound mean but….

    How did he reached 3M subs but only has 50.000 – 200.000 viewers per video?

  37. Tnt canon the pirit ship

  38. This actually really relieves to see you clean up your shit.

  39. I think season 2 is better and I hope that there is a season 3

  40. Git money. pause Git Rub. pause Git gud. pause Git bulding. Git amazin!. Git views. Git likes. Git rich! pause Git bitches. pause Fuck Mitch, pause Git married, pause Get kids, faster Get a fridge, not a bitch. not a citch, and ofc also not a snitch. That be it! For my very shitty crappy rapriiiiiiimix!!

    drops the microphone

  41. I hope you keep making how to Minecraft videos