NC Mobile Home Roof Repair Leaking Mobile Home

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4 Responses to “NC Mobile Home Roof Repair Leaking Mobile Home”

  1. how much do you charge for a 14×70 MOBILEHOME

  2. iKnifeU123 says:

    If water was to leak like that inside the house or through the walls , do I need to replace the entire wall? And how much ruff estimate on repairing the roof like this video? How much$ with labor?

  3. this was an awesome video it helped me out alot watching it, did you guys shingle that roof? or apply some sort of self sticking roofing like roll roofing

  4. Paul McDuell says:

    Nice Video Drew – My daughter lives in South Carolina, but I am in Calif. I have an old mobile home and needs a lot of work. It's in the desert, so not a lot of rain, but high winds. I will be looking at your other videos for some tips. Thanks!


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