Old House Repairs Leaky Bathtub Spout Fix

This video will show you some tools to fix a leaking bathtub spout. Its an old house and simple things you can do to save water and cheap repairs to help save …


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27 Responses to “Old House Repairs Leaky Bathtub Spout Fix”

  1. Very good video; addressed several plumbing issues. I'd like to see & hear you say more about soldering. That seems tricky.

  2. Mr S says:

    You know you could've just changed the washer on the old faucet – the white plastic part & washer you're poking @ about 3min can all be replaced for maybe $2-$10, instead of a whole new faucet + unsolder/cut/solder. Wouldn't look as new & shiny though

  3. What a cute bathroom..

  4. wowcolors says:

    I like that everything is called a "this"

  5. I wanted to see how one goes about removing the tap….but since you already had that off I didn't see what tool you used to get it off with….nice video though. thank you.

  6. I just finished changing out my bathtub faucet hand and spout thanks to this video! However, I will say that I was expecting a threaded end on my water pipe but found just a jagged ended pipe. Considering this was my first time tackling this project, I made some modifications and "no drippy drippy" Thank you

  7. Braap Milla says:

    cool video junkstar,check out my channel please. just me breaking shit and trying to fix it to my redneck ability. I subbed your channel. please sub to mine. thank you keep up the good work

  8. Easyrider 1 says:

    come on junkstar its been a month! lol more.

  9. big dawg says:

    where is the junkstar and how you been doing

  10. DCMA247 says:

    You like no loads of stuff.. I need be more like this guy, learn and know.

  11. zonda power says:

    said to my self junkstar has a library, no no it's wall paper, what a let down..lol.

  12. IRON MAN says:

    A little trick if you still have water in pipe is stick a piece of bread in the pipe it soaks up water lets you heat up the pipe to solder it . When done just turn on water bread dissolves bob's your uncle . Love all the wood work looks awesome .

  13. The bathroom is cool, like something from the 1920 or 1930's. The wall paper was cool too.

  14. obieezx11 says:

    motr off the house please

  15. sniper152 says:

    old trick, next time you're doing work on water pipe with water in it, shove a piece of bread in the pipe, it will absorb the water long enough to do your soldering,  when done, the water pressure will force the bread out.

  16. siskokidd says:

    Nice work! The secret to reusing old copper fittings is flux during the resolder. That and making sure to remove as much old solder off the pipe just like you did. Otherwise they don't often fit back together when cold, which can be a problem if there's other fittings involved like elbows and T's. You think it's a snug fit, but the fitting isn't really seated properly. Some of those older homes use a galvanized length of pipe coming out of the wall, which makes it a bit more complicated to shorten. First is unscrewing it from the faucet piping behind the tub wall, which may or may not be secure enough to withstand the torque, especially if the threading is corroded. Supply stores usually have 1/2 nipple stub pipes from 1" to 6", half an inch at a time.

  17. 49erdigging says:

    nice! i was wondering if you were going to give that baby 1 more turn lol

  18. Great vid Junkstar keep up the great work. I have the same issue with my spout, So good timing. I like that spout, where did you get it. Thanks.

  19. What happened to the rv? Got any renovations planned for inside ?

  20. Jimbo Booth says:

    Hey did you know putting a 2 liter bottle in the tank also can help save on filling up the toilet tank?

  21. dl moore says:

    done like a pro. tanks

  22. Dee Jay says:

    You're a knowledgeable motherfucker,  
    looking forward to more uploads!

  23. Another great video JunkStar thanks for sharing (◣_◢)

  24. TheSmreeder says:

    Do all the windows still have those beautiful shudders?
    Many Blessings , SMR

  25. Dakushlife says:

    If you don't reuse fittings, you're probably a weenie lol

  26. shopplay says:

    hay your missing all the nice snow here lol well mistro


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