Repairing Common stucco and or rendering problems

Repairing Common stucco and or rendering problems how to repair render finishes Hello everyone! In this video we show you how to repair this nasty looking …


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37 Responses to “Repairing Common stucco and or rendering problems”

  1. Greg Kimura says:

    Amazing job! Wow, I'd love to be this good!

  2. QuantumRift says:

    Thank you, very informative! I have an unusual situation. My folks' house, a ranch style home, has a brick front and the sides and back are stucco. Also, there is stucco above the garage door opening (facing the house, it's to the right as you look at house). I need to repair the stucco area that is above the garage door opening and between brick facing. Kinda hard to describe but over the years (the house is 50 years old), my dad just kept caulking there (above the garage, on the vertical) where the stucco (that is above the garage door, about a 12' x 3' area). I got up there today to dig out the old caulk and I have quite a gap where the stucco should meet the brick. there's some empty space in behind there, I think I can squirt in expanding foam to close the area, but not sure how to fix the stucco to brick junction enough where I'd just need caulk…..thank you.

  3. I'm wondering what kind or mix of concrete you used here? Is it a Portland Cement, but with a certain ratio of sand? (You do an excellent job showing/explaining how to apply like a pro — knowing exactly how to mix what you're using will be very helpful!)
    I have a stucco repair with some 2"+ holes and also buckling, and I am concerned how to match texture with the right kind of mix. Amazing how the sponge trowel creates that texture, without having to spray it on.
    Thanks very much for empowering DIYers like me!

  4. TechnoTed says:

    I love the videos – very helpful. I'm wondering why you didn't use mesh tape like you have on other videos. Very interested in your response. Thanks for all the videos!

  5. #Giordano's plastering & stucco repair videos Evening All American Handyman, cool beans daddio, thank for sharing, and glad to be of help.
    Best wishes, and remember You Can Do It!
    Kirk giordano @All American Handyman

  6. Thanks for these videos by the way. All your work is excellent.

  7. I am seeing bubbling on various spots near the foundation of my house. I scrapped the bubbles with my hammer, and it crumbled apart like sand. Is the part that I am seeing crumble the top or brown layer? The layer below that top layer looks like cement board. Is what I am seeing the first layer or cement board? The house was built in 1972 and heavily remodeled in 1979. I live in Norther California.

  8. Mandy Jag says:

    Just found this site, EXCELLENT, I am a general contractor, great info

  9. IWBVS says:

    looks amazing! great info!

  10. YoYO Semite says:

    Yet, another cool informative video…..thanks Kirk

  11. Hai Nguyen says:

    Good evening Kirk, thanks for taking time to answer my question. All your videos are great.

  12. Hai Nguyen says:

    Thanks Kirk, what kind of caulk you are using in this video?

  13. troy scott says:

    you make it look easy. But I know it's not

  14. It's great to be able to go online and get tips from experienced guys like yourself. Great breakdown of plaster repair firsthand. Check out other videos for tips for those that want a handyman service like yourself in their area.

  15. Hey, man, you are good!

  16. Mike Smart says:

    I was wondering how to fix a crack above a widow ware a patio cover was installed. they had to remove the top Styrofoam trim piece. the patio leger is right ware the trim use to be. however there is a 1 inch gap below the leger to the top of the window. whats the best way to patch it?

  17. Is it best to sandblast painted stucco before retexturing the house? Or is the glue method OK? The house is in LA, CA.

  18. Russian BEAR says:

    The whole work is good !!!

  19. Russian BEAR says:

    Quality plastering walls so-so, where armirovachnaya mesh? For your climate can and will go, but not for Russia to temperature changes from +30 to -45. cheap repair in five minutes.I think something that sticks out from the wall to the left of the window (upper right corner) through a Goth fall off, there are already visible signs of repair or it starts to crack?

  20. I think this video is helpful and informative. Thumbs up! :-)

  21. Evening Dennis Forsman, Thank you, we do try to inform the basics so that our DIY plastering and stucco subscribers/warriors get an idea of how to do it  properly themselves.
     Have a fantastic day!
     Kirk and Jason giordano

  22. Chris West says:

    Great video.. Thanks for the tips and sharing your valuable experience!

  23. E Galindo says:

    You are the best man !!!

  24. I have watched a few of your videos and found them very helpful.  I would love if you guys would do one finally shot in the end showing the wall after its been painted!  😀  

  25. LeeAnn Allen says:

    I really like your tips but again where are your safety glasses!

  26. Hi- I recently caulked a leaking window (horizontal rain!) and had it leak again.. what kind of caulk would you suggest for a stucco wall in Arizona? We get the shade all morning on this wall, and then extreme heat in the day/evening so it takes a lot of abuse. I have used a caulk that you can apply to wet materials, since more rain was coming.. it has worked on other windows in the past, but not this time!

  27. Evening Al eng, thank you brother,
     best wishes, 
     Kirk and family

  28. yes so says:

    I really appreciate  a  highly skilled craftsman. Well done.

  29. Evening mjdmtlakes, your welcome, glad these vids have helped,
    Thanks again for watching and have a groovy evening
    Kirk Giordano Plastering

  30. mjdmtlakes says:

    Just wanted to stop by again and say thanks to you and Jason.

    I don't think I could have tackled the stucco repair on my garage without your help. On my channel is a little video of my garage — any white that you see is fresh CTS rapidset stucco where there used to be a hole.

    The stucco on my 100 year old house/garage seems to be nothing like the homes you work on. 2" thick cement over lath with formed cement beams that tie into wood frame. No water barrier at all.

  31. Hey Mike, I usually buy my materials at Westside building materials in Oakland, I'm really not sure what home depot stocks, but I have seen the rapid set a time or two. Don’t over mix the stuff and you will do fine with it.
    Best wishes and have a great day!
    Kirk Giordano plastering

  32. mjdmtlakes says:

    As a follow-up, I had a chance to speak with CTS, the makers of the Rapid Set Mortar Mix. They did confirm that their product may spontaneously set if the mix and water temperature are too high. My Home Depot has finally restocked the the set and flow control additives from CTS and so I can finally get some. Last, they recommended their Stucco Mix as it the same as the mortar mix, but has retardants already in it for 30-40 minutes of work time. Stucco mix is not stocked by Home Depot.


  33. Howdy Super Duper Nova dude, thank you. This one was busy and had a lot going on but it gives an idea of how to repair the simply stuff too.
    Thanks for watching and have a good evening.
    Kirk Giordano plastering

  34. Thanks Kirk! I'm a painter by trade and focus on that angle, but often times I need to address the plaster and stucco repair. Your videos have been a HUGE help to me. I appreciate your work ethic and how you like things done right. All the best.

  35. You know what they say mike, improvise and make it work.
    On a ninety degree day hopefully you had some of that ice water to drink also.
    Best wishes and have a good evening.
    Kirk Giordano plastering

  36. mjdmtlakes says:

    Since it was too hot for my helper, I had to find a way to work with rapid set myself. The answer I found was to mix 1 hawk full at a time in a kitchen trash bag with ice water. When mixed, cut bag and squeeze it out. I doubled my productivity as the mix flowed and stayed workable for 10 minutes in 90 degree heat with no mixing cleanup.

    Getting the mix right seems to be half the battle. Having done this stuccoing, I appreciate even more what a great job you guys do.


  37. mjdmtlakes says:

    Kirk, thanks for the tip. The Rapid Set Mortar Mix bonds and hardens much better than regular mortars I have used in the past, but as you pointed out, it really requires at least two people — if it is getting hard on the wall, remains in your mix bucket are just as hard. There is no way to stop the cure as with non-hydraulic cement by filling the mix bucket with water. Time to recruit a helper from the family. Love the videos, keep 'em coming.