Self Empowered Minimalism || Vehicle and Home Repairs?

In my experience the satisfaction of fixing your own vehicle, home or belongings is one of the best in the world. Knowing that we have the ability to fix something …


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22 Responses to “Self Empowered Minimalism || Vehicle and Home Repairs?”

  1. mellibee100 says:

    this is how I feel every time I cut my own hair – I have always hated going to hair salons – several years ago I decided to learn to cut my own hair, watched a few YouTube videos and haven't looked back 😃

  2. Duude.. the system is set up so that 98% of all people will always be dependent on other services so they "NEED" to stay at their job in the matrix to make sure they continue to channel their time and energy towards the 1% – the über class… and then there is the 1% of rebels like you and me where stuff means nothing and fixing your own crap is more interesting than making $200 to pay for the crap. People rather want to sell a bit of their life to the corporate monster so they can get on with watching the indoctrinating tv news and all the commercials that tells them what crap to buy in order to be successful… They simply just don't get it…that believing in yourself and doing is way better than watching and dreaming in their couch….. they don't get it they are still asleep….
    And should there ever be a global disaster or an apocalypse… because they dont hone their skills constantly.. they will be the first to die…

  3. i love your energy man but i have seen some people fix there own car and they just should not but the essence
    of it is great haha :)

  4. Scottosphere says:

    You are thriving! Your willingness to learn new skills instead of paying your way out of problems will continue to serve you well. I think you'd appreciate the DIY ethic of the Early Retirement Extreme forum and the Mr. Money Mustache forum. Freedom and autonomy are tangible and quantifiable to those people.

    I'm writing this on my $50 DIY Craigslist treadmill desk from which I removed its annoying button beeper and will soon be replacing the rear roller bearings. I don't even think there is a commercial solution on the market as well suited to me as this desk setup. But THAT is the crux of DIY–you can design and build and modify and create and throw together EXACTLY what you want. In fact, learn enough about an area and you'll eventually find commercial solutions inadequate; you'll want to customize everything*.

    *Thanks to ultralight hikers Ray Jardine and Mike Clelland for this lesson.

  5. hi Connor! I was wondering if you could do a video about your sleeping situation and show us what a minimalist bedroom/bed/place-where-you-sleep looks like. Thanks!

  6. MDR says:

    So it is about an hour after I watched this video and I just fixed my dishwasher! Been meaning to attempt this for a while and your video inspired me to take action right away. Thanks!!

  7. timemastro1 says:

    So great! keep going brother! :)

  8. knitnpaint says:

    You are just a darling.  So inspiring and sweet.

  9. great video! these videos are always a great reminder and inspiration for me to continue with my own minimalism. Thanks Connor!

  10. Gevedon says:

    Yup! ;b I like to know I can do things. I have done things in the past, folks are like… 'You should have been a handy woman', lol I am!! For myself, right now!! Keep on learning new things, that's what it's about, being open to that part of it….

  11. David Luchok says:

    How do you pay for insurance for medical, car etc

  12. You had such beautiful strong positive energy in this message.  Mahalo for sharing your effort in that situation.  You and Brittany are truly magical beings.  Keep it flowing!!!

  13. Much love to you, Connor! 

  14. Whooo!! Learning and Fixing things is such An act of self actualization. Thanks Conor for sharing your passion here. I could completely make a video about this myself haha. Today I am working on my bike, cleaning all The gunk out and putting on some aerobars To improve my cockpit! Much love 

  15. gotbletu says:

    come fix my car man =)

  16. krakrakrala says:

    I totally agree with you.

  17. I know the feeling:) I repaired my purse last month..i felt great..

  18. Andre Koala says:

    Absolutely true! I know, believe me….But still, most times a friend is everything you need; and then F poetry just kicks in…. And yes, they're already here — and I'll make them work damn it lol 
    All the best, Conor! :)

  19. The JemmaGrl says:

    I love this message – I wish more single women my age would own this message. I definitely think this way…that I could do anything I need to do – myself – with the proper amount of research. Good video.

  20. I also think it's empowering to make and repair your own clothes. Taking up a hem or fixing a hole in a shirt. The joy of making your own clothes, knowing that what you make is fair trade or making it fit you property. 

  21. I had a censor on my car go out last month. I found out after I paid that is was something that I could have done myself. It's a shitty feeling to say the least. Props to you and anyone else that can problem solve, and fix things like this. It may be time consuming, but totally worth it. Knowledge is power! Great channel!


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