Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top Mattress Review

Super Pillow Top Mattress Review

Serta Perfect Sleeper

The serta perfect sleeper belltower super pillow top mattress is a very comfortable mattress. This pillow top mattress has a comfort scale rating of a six. That means that this mattress has a great feel. It’s not too firm, and it’s not too soft. The serta perfect sleeper belltower super pillow top mattress is designed to be a great blend of initial body contouring and deep down support. If you’re looking for a mattress that’s gonna be designed to accommodate back, side, or stomach sleepers, then this is gonna be a great choice.


Top of the Line Perfect Sleeper

This pillow top mattress is the top of the perfect sleeper collection. It has the most amount of comfort padding layers until you get into the next step up, which is the elite collection. So for the basic perfect sleepers, this is the top of the line.

Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Mattress Features

The perfect sleeper pillow top mattress has some really nice features to it.

Serta Comfort XD Foam

  • First are the comfort padding layers. This perfect sleeper pillow top mattress uses a layer of serta comfort xd foam.

Serta Pillow Soft Foam

  • It also uses a layer of serta pillow soft foam.
Pillow Top Mattress

Serta Perfect Sleeper Super Pillow Top Mattress, Gel Foam, Innerspring, King

Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam

  • However, the main comfort padding layer of this pillow top mattress is the layer of cool twist gel memory foam.

Foam and Gel Blend

  • The perfect sleeper takes premium memory foam and blends gel into it. This foam and gel blend results in a padding layer that is very good at reducing pressure points. These pressure points can lead to tossing and turning to encourage better blood circulation for deeper rem sleep. And it’s very durable, so it’s designed to help the mattress retain its comfort for a longer period in time.

Individually Wrapped Coil System

  • The coil system is the custom support 704 system, which is an individually wrapped coil system that where each coil performs independently to contour to the curves of your body while giving you good overall support. This coil system is especially nice for couples because it helps reduce motion transfer when one person moves. So if you or your partner is a light sleeper, this coil system is gonna help reduce the amount of times that you wake up because of movement.

Full Foam Encasement

  • It’s also adjustable base friendly, so if you’re in the market for a base, the serta perfect sleeper super pillow top mattress is gonna work just fine. The full foam encasement goes all the way around outside edge. The full foam encasement allows you to sleep all the way to the edge without feeling like there’s a big difference in comfort or support.

Perfect for Couples

The serta perfect sleeper belltower super pillow top mattress is a really nice mattress for couples. If you share a queen size, you’re gonna want to be able to use the entire mattress without feeling like you’re gonna roll off when you get to the edge. With this mattress, you can sleep all the way to the edge.

Pillow Top Mattress



So overall, again, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Mattress is one of the best values that’s gonna be found in the perfect sleeper collection because of its medium feel, its high quality comfort materials and its very strong and capable coil system.

Check out what a couple of satisfied buyers had to say.


“This mattress is wonderful. It’s firm and very comfortable. It’s higher than most which worried me, but we found it actually fit better into our bed frame than our last mattress. It’s great quality, and I love how supportive it is. This is the best quality mattress we’ve ever had, and we’ve never had such support. The only con is the additional height. It is a bit higher than a standard mattress. I’m only 5’1″, so it took a week or so to get used to the height difference. My 5’8″ husband didn’t really notice a difference much. I got used to it pretty quickly.”

Mrs. Mac

“I have stopped tossing and turning and waking up constantly during the night. This mattress is so comfortable, yet supportive. I used to wake up achy from lack of support, now I sleep through the night and wake up without aches and pains. It is the best mattress I have ever owned, I have slept better than I have in years. I can’t wait to get into bed at night. The pillow-top is cushiony, but not too soft that you don’t get support. Yet, it is firm and supportive, but not too stiff. The TV commercial is true, you can say goodbye to counting sheep – this is a Perfect Sleeper.”


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