Structural Home Repairs – How To Install Floor Joist Part One Click on this link for more how to repair videos. This video might not provide you with the best …


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3 Responses to “Structural Home Repairs – How To Install Floor Joist Part One”

  1. Greg, thank you so much for your videos on house repairs. I bought brick house built in 1935. Sill plate along one wall in basement has rotted sections. Cannot afford structural engineer and house raising. Floor above basement is sturdy and even, no sagging. Can I build a structural wall support adjacent to deteriorated sill plate to prevent wall above damaged area and floor from sagging? I would greatly appreciate you advice. Thank you, Carolyn

  2. I had sistered a joist a few months ago, and i  just like to mention that I had to plane the joist for it to fit in place. Also before putting it in the bay I had to cut some screw that were protruding out from the floor above. Nice video by the way.

  3. Chee Kay says:

    I'm looking forward to your further ideas on the installation of supplementary joists.  In my area most people call it 'sistering' but rarely do we have to deal with truss joists.  Too frequently renovators from decades (or worse, even days) gone by have destroyed the structural integrity of the flooring system by cutting out huge notches to accommodate air ducts or plumbing.  Even now I have seven 2×12's stacked and stickered in my basement waiting to repair the serious damage done by the previous owner when he renovated the main and the master, bathrooms.  As the electrical service is in the same area I will have to first remove all the waste and domestic water piping, strip most of the cables out of the electrical panel, clear away some data wiring and cut away all the flooring nails that protrude through the sub flooring.  "You can do it and we can help" Home Depot says to their thousands of customers, and all too often the result is a crappy renovation with thousands of dollars of fixtures, finishes and materials that will have to be stripped out and junked in order to repair the damage done by that percentage of home handymen who create these messes.  I wonder if Home Depot will help me by paying me for the repairs I have to do?


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