Is the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme Mattress the Best Mattress to Buy?

Review – The Redesigned Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme

As a result of a redesign, the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme now features extra TEMPUR material. This redesign of the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme has created a soft mattress with unbelievably adaptive support.

Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme – Three layers

The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is an 11 inch thick mattress. The top 2 inches consist of the Tempur-ES blend. This is their softest blend. That Tempur-ES blend is what gives the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme a more pillowtop-like feel. Underneath that top 2 inches, there’s another 2 inches of the regular Tempur material. And then, underneath that second two inches, you have their Dual Support Core. This dual core support is like a high density polyurethane foam.

Tempur Pedic Mattress History

Tempur pedic makes several different mattresses and beds. Altogether, these total about 17. This company pioneered memory foam products in the United States.  Tempur pedic mattresses have been sold in the US since the early 1990s. Tempur Pedic maintains that their beds are the number one recommended beds in the US. These claims and other publicity about the tempur pedic beds and mattresses make many consumers curious about these mattresses and whether they will be getting the right bang for the buck.

Tempur Cloud Collection

The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is only one model of an entire Tempur Cloud collection. The collection includes the Tempur Cloud Prima, the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme, the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze, the Tempur Cloud Elite, the Tempur Cloud Luxe, and the Tempur Cloud Luxe Breeze. The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme has an overall feel of a medium soft. The Cloud Supreme is the step down below the Cloud Luxe. The Cloud Luxe (and the new Cloud Luxe Breeze) is the softest model that Tempur-Pedic currently makes. So on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being super firm and 10 being super soft, the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme rates right about a 7.

Tempur Pedic Blends

So Tempur pedic has different blends for their material. When they first started, they only had one blend, one option. However, over the years, based on customer feedback and requests, they now have softer options and firmer blends.

Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme

TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Foundation

On the bottom of the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is the Tempur-Pedic foundation. Tempur uses a solid foundation, as opposed to a box spring. Tempur-Pedic mattresses will not work right on a traditional box spring. If there’s any kind of give to it, it will affect the way the mattress conforms and it won’t work right. So the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme, like all tempur mattresses, is placed on a super hard, solid foundation with zero give. That foundation is made from wood. It’s a nail free foundation. It’s made from MDF wood. That makes the foundation very heavy. It is not fun trying to move one of these foundations.  This mattress is best for people who have had good luck on a traditional pillow-top mattress.

Memory Foam

The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is also liked by people who’re interested in memory foam but kind of dislike the way that the firmer ones feel. These consumers are looking for a softer option. The cloud supreme is a good solution for that. It’s also for people who thought that the Cloud Luxe was just a little too soft. They like the idea of a soft memory foam mattress, but they don’t want to be sinking down too far. The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is a good medium-soft. It clearly is one of the best memory foam mattreses available.

Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme


Good for Side Sleepers – Not for Stomach Sleepers

This Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress is good for people who sleep on their side. Definitely, the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is a side sleeper mattress because it’s gonna be a lot easier on the shoulders and the hips. And it will really reduce a lot of pressure points like on your rotator cuff. The Cloud Supreme is good for back sleepers as well. You’ll really feel it conforming to your body and filling in that gap between your lower back and the mattress. People who sleep mostly on their stomachs should probably choose a different mattress – a firmer one.

Origin of Memory Foam

Visco elastic memory foam was actually originally invented by the space agency, NASA. The material was originally developed in the 60’s for use in the space shuttle program. This memory foam was designed to help reduce the G-force during take off and landing. In the 80’s a Swedish scientist discovered memory foam when the material was made public. After about 10 years of development, memory foam was made into a mattress. That was the beginning of Tempur-Pedic.

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Mixed Ratings

Customer satisfaction for Tempur-Pedic is mixed and very polarized. For this Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress you’re gonna see lots of 5-star reviews. You’re also gonna see lots of 1-star reviews. People tend to either really love Tempur-Pedic or they just absolutely hate it. Mattress sales persons observe that people tend to either really really like them right off the bat like within the first 30 seconds, or they immediately are just repelled by it and they can’t wait to get off of it. Let’s examine the positives and negatives of this Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress,

Pros of  the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme

  • One positive is that the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is very comfortable. The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme is the most comfortable mattress that they make out of their entire lineup.
  • Another big benefit of this mattress is the reduced pressure points. So, if you happen to be a side sleeper, this does really help. It’s a lot easier on the shoulders, a lot easier on your hips, and you’ll find that you can stay on your side longer before you get the urge to turn throughout the night.
  • Another positive for this mattress is, it is great for reducing motion transfer. So for couples who find that they’re disturbed throughout the night, like on a conventional innerspring mattress because it’s so bouncy, they’re gonna really like the Tempur-Pedic. This is true because the tempur pedic material absorbs energy. There’s virtually no motion transfer in a Tempur-Pedic mattress.


  • One negative of the Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme that always comes up is price. Price is a big complaint for a lot of people. The Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress is an 11 inch mattress, but only 4 inches of it are the actual Tempur  pedic material. The rest of the mattress is a standard grade high-density polyurethane foam. The retail price of a Queen mattress is $2699. To many, that is a lot of money. Another negative is the heat problem.
  • The tempur pedic material is temperature sensitive. Part of how it works and conforms to the body is it’s responding to your body heat. Therefore, people who sleep warm will tend to feel very warm in a mattress like this.
  • Another negative about this mattress are complaints about off-gassing. When you first get this mattress, the smell can be overpowering. And sometimes that smell may linger. Most of the chemicals used to create this type of visco-elastic memory foam have not been tested on humans over the long term. There’ are reports of people getting nauseous on a tempur pedic, or having frequent headaches, getting dizzy, getting vertigo. Some people report having even more pain than normal.
  • Some people complain about having strange symptoms immediately after having their Tempur-Pedic mattress delivered. So if you have any chemical sensitivities, do a thorough amount of research first.
  • Another negative for this type of mattress is, it’s not exactly eco-friendly. This is a 100% petroleum derived material, including the cover itself which is a 100% polyester on this particular model. So, if you’re trying to be more green and live a more green lifestyle, and you’re concerned about your bedroom you want to have a more green bedroom, this is not an eco-friendly solution for you.

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