Windows And Knowing When It Is Time For An Upgrade

Many people are experiencing extraordinarily expensive utility bills these days with little idea as to why. It is expected that the industry itself is simply increasing prices to satisfy shareholders while in most cases, something in the home simply isn’t or is no longer energy efficient. Now maybe you have gone through the home and upgraded many items and the home itself is newer so you are still at a loss for the increase. Odds are it is the windows in the home itself. Don’t assume that the builder put top of the line windows in the home as he may have simply put low quality efficient windows or even overstock that are not up to par today to reduce his costs and increase profit. This article will point out some areas to check that will clue you in to whether you need to replace your windows or not so please continue reading for more information.

Condensation seen on the glass during hot or cold days is a definitive sign that your windows need to be replaced. A lifetime warranty or several year guarantee is not necessarily a clue as to how long the window will last. It is a promise that the window can be replaced at a reduced cost or for free during that time so do not think for a second they will not fail during that period of time. Check to see if the windows you have are under warranty for replacement or start getting quotes to replace them as faulty windows can add a substantial sum to your bills each month.

At the very least, an energy efficient window will have gas between two panes of glass to insulate the house. This prevents cool air from entering the home or heat during the summer and vice versa during the winter months. If the internal pane is cold in the winter and warm in the summer, they are no longer effective as a barrier against outside temperatures allowing the cold or warm air into the home thus altering your desired temperature. When this occurs, the heating or cooling system works harder to maintain the temperature you desire. It is time for new windows if you notice this on yours.

You can also use a birthday candle that has been lit to pass around the edges of the window and along the framework. If the candle flickers at all from anything outside of movement, go slow, then you have a draft meaning outside air is entering and internal air is exiting. As above, this means your system is working overtime to maintain the internal temperature thus increasing the monthly bill.

You also need to visually inspect windows for cracks in the glass, a foggy appearance on the glass itself, and rotted wood or missing trim on the window or around it. Look at the caulking around the window frame where it sits in the wall and look for deterioration. These are all huge flags to replace the windows as there is little you can do that will have a long lasting repair result.

By taking a few moments to inspect your windows using the tips listed above, you will assuredly know if it is time for replacement. Even if it is only one window causing the issue, it should be replaced as the cost will be recouped in a short period of time due to the savings each month on your utility bill itself.

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