Wood and Drywall Water Heater Platform Damage – Home Repairs

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5 Responses to “Wood and Drywall Water Heater Platform Damage – Home Repairs”

  1. gregvancom says:

    I'm pretty sure you could use metal for these areas as long as it was approved by the Building Department. However, I'm pretty sure or should I say almost positive that the reason why they don't use metal and it's sad to say, but it would be because drywall is cheaper. It's cheaper to purchase and probably even cheaper to install. Home builders are always looking for ways to make their homes safer and of course cheaper.

  2. YY4Me133 says:

    Something I just remembered from when I was a kid… There was a fire on the ground floor in the building in which I lived. The room in which the fire started had a metal ceiling, which prevented the fire from spreading upward. This makes me curious as to why a water heater platform, and the nearby walls and ceiling, aren't metal. Wouldn't metal give better protection than drywall?
    I hope you don't mind questions that might seem silly to you, but I like to understand things. Thanks.

  3. YY4Me133 says:

    Thanks for the info. Live and learn. :o)

  4. gregvancom says:

    It would, but at the same time it would ruin your one hour protective fire barrier. The reason why these platforms are drywalled is to provide the interior of the home or living area, with a protective one hour fire rating. For example, if a fire started in your garage, supposedly it would take one hour to burn through the drywall, but if you had a vent installed anywhere in this barrier, it could burn through faster and create a weak spot in the barrier. 

  5. YY4Me133 says:

    Would having a vent in the platform prevent or minimize growth of mold, etc., inside it?


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